Funding for training and consultancy in the automotive sector

Polish Agency for Enterprise Development as an Intermediate Body announces the 4th round of the competition for companies supporting training or consulting services in the automotive sector. The total pool of funds is 7 480 000,- PLN, including the amount of co-financing: PLN 6,732,000.


Recruitment information

Deadline for resolving the competition

The evaluation of applications will be completed no later than 164 days after the closing date of the Round IV Call for Proposals.

Place of application

Polish Agency for Enterprise Development Pańska 81/83, 00-834 Warsaw 

How to apply

A grant application is submitted only as an electronic document via SOWA (System for Application Service) within the created call for proposals available on the website at

For what and who can apply?

Who can apply?

Projects may apply for funding:

a) entities acting for the benefit of employment, development of human resources or adaptive potential of entrepreneurs,

(b) Economic development entities,

(c) representative trade union and employer organizations within the meaning of the Act of 24 July 2015 on the Council for Social Dialogue and other institutions for social dialogue (Journal of Laws of 2015, item 1240, as amended),

(d) employers' organizations within the meaning of the Act of 23 May 1991 on employers' organizations (Journal of Laws of 2015, item 2029, as amended),

(e) economic self-government organizations within the meaning of the Craft Act of March 22, 1989 (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1267, as amended),

(f) trade union organizations within the meaning of the Trade Union Act of May 23, 1991 (Journal of Laws of 2015, item 1881, as amended),

(g) entrepreneurs.

What can you get funding for?

Each project submitted for Round IV should assume the following tasks:

1) Conduct an information and publicity campaign to support recruitment,

2) Recruiting entrepreneurs,

3) support for entrepreneurs and their employees in navigating the Development Services Database (BUR),

4) support for entrepreneurs and their employees in the possibility of using development services outside BUR,

5) monitoring the quality of development services (min. 5%) to prevent irregularities. Monitoring will not apply to advisory services. In the case of these services, monitoring will be based on their effects,

6) Administrative duties associated with the service grant, including:

  • handling requests from businesses,
  • verification of documents prior to granting support, including verification of eligibility for public aid, issuing certificates of public aid, reporting on public aid,
  • signing support agreements,
  • The project's objective is to provide a comprehensive overview of the project's progress and to ensure that it is implemented in compliance with the requirements,

7) Settling the project with PARP and preparing reports and summaries of the project progress,

8) Actively participate in Steering and Industry Committee meetings and follow the findings of these meetings. 

The activities in the project should be in accordance with the rules and standards for providing support included in the Rules of the Competition.

Project selection criteria

The evaluation of grant applications will be based on the project selection criteria approved by the Monitoring Committee of the OP IE.

Evaluation of the merits of the application includes verification that the application meets:

a) general substantive criteria evaluated in a 0-1 system ("meets/"does not meet");

(b) access criteria;

c) horizontal criteria; general substantive criteria evaluated by points.


Maximum allowable level of project co-financing

Maximum co-financing intensity is:

90% of the value of eligible project costs.

The total pool of funds earmarked for the co-financing of projects

The allocation available in the 4th round of the competition is PLN 7,480,000.00of which the amount of co-financing is PLN 6,732,000.00.

Necessary documents

Competition Regulations


Grant application template

Grant application template

Specimen grant agreement

Specimen grant agreement

Other important information

Applicant's remedies

1) In the case of a negative project assessment referred to in Article 53(2) of the Implementation Act, the applicant has the right to lodge a protest according to the rules set out in chapter 15 of the Implementation Act.

2) A protest is lodged with PARP.

3) PAED examines the protest verifying the correctness of project assessment with respect to criteria and charges within the time limit specified in Article 57 of the Implementation Act. The protest processing time limit cannot exceed 45 days in total from the day of receiving the protest.

4) The project may receive a grant as a result of the appeal procedure on condition that it has met the project selection criteria and has received the most points.

Questions and answers

Questions can be emailed to: oraz telefonicznie pod numerami 22  574 07 07 lub 0 801 332 202.


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