Radom belongs to the cities with significant economic potential and high education level of inhabitants. Important communication routes intersect here, which is very important in contacts with other economic centers of our country. Numerous investments in recent years to improve road infrastructure, modernization of the water supply and sewage network, expansion of the economic zone and development of new investment areas make the city thriving and becoming more and more economically attractive.

Economic initiatives of communes and poviats respond to the reported demand for investment spaces. Against this background, the offer from Radom is extremely attractive for entrepreneurs interested in starting their business both in industries historically related to the city and in new areas of the economy. The market for industrial investment areas in Radom is still developing and is still extremely absorbent. An important aspect of the authorities' efforts to attract new investors to Radom is the preparation of a development offer that meets the demand. The city comprehensively prepares investment plots being the resources of the commune, but is also constantly expanding its offer to include private properties whose owners are interested in leasing or selling for business purposes.