Radom is the 14th city in Poland in terms of population. The particular predisposition of radomians, which in short can be called entrepreneurship and inventiveness, constitute the basis for the development of the city as a center of precision technology.

The city is distinguished by a high level of security, as well as the social capital of its residents. Thanks to the large share of green areas in the city's area, the expansion of the bicycle route network, a wide range of public transport and constant modernization of the bus fleet, Radom is developing in a sustainable way, taking care of the natural environment.

The city also has a well developed network of hotels and conference centers. Radom hosts many international cultural events, making the city recognizable around the world.

Cinema screens
Art galleries and showrooms
Cultural events (2020)
Hotels (2021) 4-star 2, 3-star 6, 2-star 3

GREEN CITY - 16% of the city is covered by forests, parks, greens, and neighborhood greenery.

HIGH QUALITY PUBLIC TRANSPORT - 133 low-floor buses (entire fleet), of which 19 are electrically powered and 42 are powered with CNG. 51% of the entire fleet meets the highest standards for exhaust emissions.

LARGE ACCESSIBILITY OF PRE-CHOICES - 52 pre-schools (25 public and 27 non-public)

SOCIAL AWARENESS - second place in Poland in the quality of life ranking of the Polityka weekly after Tarnow and before Koszalin (positive impact of residents' activities on community life)

SAFE CITY - third place among 17 largest cities in Home Broker's safety report.

Four Radom sports teams are competing for points in the highest national leagues: Cerrad Enea Czarni Radom (volleyball), RKS Radomiak Radom (soccer), HydroTruck Radom (basketball). E.Leclerc Moya Radomka Radom (women's volleyball)