Radom is a city of over two hundred thousand people in central Poland, second in Mazovia province in terms of population (after Warsaw) and fourteenth in the country. It is an academic center and a social and economic center with numerous subregional functions.

Thanks to the creation of important pro-development activities, the city strengthens its position as a social and economic center with a subregional range.
Major investments include:

  • reconstruction of sections of the city along national road No. 9;
  • construction of the NS route;
  • modernization of railway line No. 8 on the Radom – Warsaw route;
  • construction of the Warsaw-Radom Airport named after the Heroes of Radom June 1976;
  • planned construction of the S12 route.

Radom is a city of modern industry, where companies recognized not only in the country but also around the world operate.

Radom is a city of modern industry, where companies recognized not only in the country but also in the world operate. Thanks to the applied technologies and constant development, they belong to the top in their branches. Especially the metal industry is developing and Radom has become an important center of this branch of economy on the map of the country.

The city also sees great potential in the business services sector. When investors decide to invest outside large agglomerations, they look at Radom, which offers moderate costs of doing business, low staff turnover and proximity to the capital.

Significant factors supporting the attractiveness of Radom are the availability of educated graduates of secondary schools and universities, special economic zone and dual education system at the level of secondary schools.

The proximity of scientific centers, R&D and numerous educational institutions as well as many years of tradition and work ethos create Radom's human resources.

There are currently six universities in the city. The largest of them - University of Technology and Humanities. Kazimierz Pułaski - has already completed postgraduate outsourcing studies twice, which resulted in several dozen graduates prepared to work in the business services sector.

in creating innovation in the field of construction and operation of machinery, technical safety and environmental protection and transfer of advanced technologies for industrial applications. A rich scientific and research background is also a guarantee of access to innovative solutions and the most up-to-date technical thought.

Extensive scientific and research facilities also guarantee access to innovative solutions and the latest technical thought.

The economic development of Radom is supported by local business organizations thanks to which entrepreneurs can use their potential more efficiently and effectively.

In Radom there is the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Radom Area, the National Chamber of Leather Industry, Business Centre Club Radom Lodge, Chamber of Craft and Small Business, Agricultural and Food Cluster of Radom Region and Radom Metal Cluster.

There are about 24 000 business entities in Radom.

Polish and globally recognized domestic enterprises operate here
and foreign, which, thanks to the use of advanced production processes, are among the leaders in the industries they represent.

to conduct business activities. Polish Arms Group has its headquarters here, as well as one of the most modern factories of the military industry in Europe - Fabryka Broni "ŁUCZNIK" - Radom. There are also companies providing services such as call contact center, financial-accounting, archiving and IT.