Leaseback for entrepreneurs

Leaseback, is an external financing offer offered to SME entrepreneurs (those with full accounting) by ARPLeasing.

What is a leaseback?

The benefiting entrepreneur first sells his own fixed asset (e.g., machinery) to the leasing company (ARPLeasing), and then enters into a lease agreement under which he continues to use it. The primary purpose of entering into such an agreement for the entrepreneur is to free up frozen cash to be used for other investment purposes, while still being able to use the said fixed asset.

For the price of obtaining free cash from the sale of the asset, the entrepreneur relinquishes ownership, but can also reapply for that ownership by making repayments of the amounts stipulated in the lease agreement.

Kwota leasingu dla przedsiębiorcy ustalana jest indywidualnie. Za udzielenie leasingu ARPLeasing nie pobiera prowizji. Okres finansowania leasingowego wynosi do 5 lat; minimalna opłata wstępna to 10% wartości przedmiotu leasingu a  minimalna wartość wykupu (po 5 latach) wynosi  1% wartości przedmiotu leasingu. Obowiązuje standardowe zabezpieczenie wierzytelności oraz ubezpieczenie przedmiotu leasingu.

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