Another industrial district will be built in Wincentow. The city has already sold an area of 12 hectares.

The next industrial district in Radom will cover 40 hectares. It will be built in Wincentowo and cover the area between Warszawska, Witosa and Rataja Streets. The first area of 12 hectares was sold by tender by the city and the Revitalization Company to Bojanowicz Investments. The buyer assured that the first effects of the construction works will be visible this year.

The signing of the notarial deed of sale of the real estate took place on 27.01.2022 and it initiated the creation of another industrial district in our city.

- Since the beginning of my term in office, I have placed a strong Since the beginning of my term of office I have put strong emphasis on creating poles of economic growth, so that we would not have to return to the sad nineties, when we had to cope with a huge problem unemployment problem. Obviously, this requires favourable conditions for business development business development and creation of well paid jobs. Such conditions have been created in Wincentowo, where we have invested over 5 million zlotys in the construction of a new road system. 5 million we have invested in the construction of a new road system - says Radosław Witkowski, the president. Translated with (free version)

Similar industrial zones also operate in Wólka Klwatecka, Wośniki and Gołębiów. In total there are over 40 companies more than 40 companies employing around 6 thousand people. Most of them are manufacturing companies Most of them are manufacturing companies operating in such sectors as: metal, construction, chemical and food industry. food industry.

 It's obvious that the foundation of economic growth is investment. Therefore, the conditions we conditions we create for investors will directly translate into changes changes occurring in our city - says Katarzyna Kalinowska, Deputy Mayor.

There is a visible interest in land for The interest in land for investments is visible both on the part of Radom companies global reach. In order to meet their expectations, the city prepares for sale preparing new areas for sale.

- Currently, further investment areas are being prepared, including over 12 hectares in Potkanów and 22 hectares at Energetyków Street - says the Deputy Mayor.

The development of industrial zones is accompanied by the systematic decrease of unemployment. Seven years ago there were over 18.5 thousand people without work in Radom. Today it is a little over 9 thousand.