A database of Polish entrepreneurs interested in returning to the Ukrainian market is being created

Rozpoczął się nabór polskich firm zainteresowanych wznowieniem eksportu i udziałem w odbudowie Ukrainy. Wszystko w ramach projektu Ministerstwa Rozwoju i Technologii, który zakłada współpracę na tym polu z biznesem. Operatorem projektu jest Polska Agencja Inwestycji i Handlu (PAIH).

Companies can apply for participation starting June 9. Companies from sectors crucial to Ukraine's reconstruction, such as construction, medical, transportation and logistics, agriculture, food and FMCG, automotive and transportation equipment, machinery, and IT/ICT, are welcomed first.

The project is open to Polish companies that do not cooperate with Russian and Belarusian sanctioned entities; that want to operate in Ukraine during post-war reconstruction and that meet the criteria in the application form, available on the website:  www.odbudowaukrainy.paih.gov.pl

In the first phase of the project, Polish entrepreneurs will take part in industry consultations aimed at developing the project's guidelines. Such action will allow to provide companies with support in the future in the safe development of trade and action for the reconstruction of Ukraine. When the situation in the war-stricken country stabilizes the developed solutions will be able to be used in practice. Joint consultations will begin as early as August 1, 2022.

Additional information for entrepreneurs wishing to participate in Ukraine's reconstruction efforts is available at: www.gov.pl/web/rozwoj-technologia/zamowienia-publiczne-na-rzecz-ukrainy