Entrepreneurial student - creative graduate

On November 16 - 22, 2020 the Higher School of Commerce in Radom and the Student Forum of the BCC Radom BCC Lodge  organized a series of events as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week under the theme Entrepreneurial student - creative graduate  

This year's edition of ŚTP was organized in partnership with the Radom BCC Lodge, the Noble Brand Creative Agency and the Regional Branch of the Polish Social Policy Association in Radom and with the support of the Radom Economic Zone Service Office. All events were in remote form due to the pandemic situation in our country. The organization of lectures, workshops, discussions, debates and seminars in the form of on - line, allowed to maintain all safety rules and direct participation in events of many people from our region. Each day, the workshops and debates were actively attended by 80 people on average, representing different circles of the Radom region. ŚTP in WSH gathered the world of local entrepreneurs, students, young people dreaming of starting their own business. During the discussions, there was a place for exchanging ideas and experiences across generations.

On the first day there was a workshop, conducted by Ms. Ewelina Markowska, PhD, entitled: "The Role of the Future in the European Union. How to start your own business. In a practical, step-by-step manner The participants of the workshop got acquainted with the procedures related to the establishment of their own company. They filled out the documents necessary to register their company or starting up a sole proprietorship - a very popular very popular form of professional activity in our country.

On the second day, based on an idea for "own business", Ms. Anna Słopiecka from NobleBrand Creative Agency, taught participants to build a personal brand. Personal brand, is an important element each company and each person who wants to be recognized on the open labor market. job market. Attendees have shown remarkable creativity in the search their own identity parameters, which are a kind of identification with personal brand and company brand and distinguishing them from the "rest of the world".

The inspirations of that day were The inspirations from that day were concretised during a meeting with Iwona Paszkiewicz, M.Sc. Iwona Paszkiewicz, who on the third day of the WTP conducted a workshop on Between business and happiness. Ms. Iwona is an entrepreneur, President of the Foundation follow Me. In her speech Ms. Iwona referred to the social responsibility of business. The speaker taught how to reconcile business and happiness. She suggested how to build one's own business, combining it with social activity, charity and personal development. The workshop, especially for young people, was a kind of entering into the adventure of their own personal development which brings joy, a sense of completeness, happiness and money. This unusual experience of being a This extraordinary experience of being a happy entrepreneur was completed on the fourth day of the event.

Ms Katarzyna Wielocha, MA, entrepreneur, Vice President of the Board of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Radom Chamber of Commerce and Industry, led a workshop and group discussion on the topic: Modern sales - or how to make customer to pay you with joy. The meeting was a training coaching. The sale of products and services, a simulation company set up in groups of participants turned out to be an extremely creative and inspiring challenge. The creative ideas of the listeners translated into building such companies as: music store "Nutka", soap store from nature, and several others.

The culmination of ŚTP in WSH was a meeting on Corporate Social Responsibility on the last day. The meeting was attended, among others, by experts dealing with Social Economy in the theoretical and practical dimension. Speakers were: Anna Słopiecka, M.A., BCC Radom Lodge, Klaudia Kołodziejczyk, BCC Student Forum at the Radom Lodge, presenting the topic: Corporate social responsibility in the Radom region. Presentation of the BCC Student Forum Foundation and its activity in Radom. Then, Agnieszka Sekulska, M.A., representing Mazovia Social Economy Support Center discussed the issue, Social economy in practice. She pointed out the multitude of Third Sector organizations and praesentis acting as social economy entities. The audience welcomed the invitation to cooperate with the Centre and the factual support offered in the framework of public-private partnership. An example of good practice in the field of corporate social responsibility is the Radom Arte Foundation, which was described by Dr. Małgorzata Potocka, director of the Jan Kochanowski Teatr Powszechny in Radom and Agnieszka Kołodyńska - Iglesias, MA,  President of Radom Arte Foundation. The speakers encouraged conscious support of culture by local business and entrepreneurs. In the final speech of the day, Agata Ługowska, M.A., delivered a paper on: In search of cooperation model for development of social services on the example of the Siedlce subregion. Opportunities and challenges for social economy entities. Ms. Agata, represented the Center for Social Integration in Siedlce and the Siedlce Social Cooperative Caritas. The presentation aroused great interest and provided inspiration for similar undertakings in other regions of Mazovia. It seems that recent years are particularly abounding in emergence of Social Organizations, acting in the field of social services for the benefit of environments endangered by social exclusion and people pushed on the margin of social life. Summing up the last day of ¦TP and all the events, Andrzej Gołębiowski, Ph, A socially responsible university - examples of good academic practices. The University, just like any other company or organization, is aware of its social responsibility. The University pays attention not only to continuous improvement of the educational process and raising the quality of teaching, but also to ensuring that the fields of study offered are in response to the needs of the open labour market.

World Entrepreneurship Week Entrepreneurship Week became an opportunity for a meeting of people of science and business. It was a place of integration of thoughts and views of scientists with experiences of practitioners, entrepreneurs and social activists. The next edition will be held next year - we will looking for answers to questions which the economic, scientific and social reality will bring economic, scientific and social reality "after or in the pandemic".