Expansion of the Information Technology Center of the Ministry of Finance in Radom.

The Finance Ministry Information Technology Center (CIRF) has signed a contract with Budimex for the design and construction of a server room with equipment. The expansion of the CIRF center in Radom, at Samorządowa Street, will allow the development of e-services of the Finance Ministry. The value of the contract is more than PLN 228.7 million net, including options.

At the request of the ordering party - the Informatics Center of the Ministry of Finance, as part of the investment Budimex, as general contractor, will carry out, together with design documentation, the construction of a technical building-server room consisting of a 1-story technical part (which includes: technical rooms necessary for the proper operation of the server room and auxiliary rooms) and a 2-story administrative and office part, together with equipment. The contract also includes the connection of the existing technical building with the new technical building, as well as the execution of landscaping works related to the construction of the new server room, and obtaining an occupancy permit. The project will be designed and implemented as the construction of a new CIRF building under the Design and Build formula.

The total usable area of the facility is about 5,510.00 m2, while the cubic capacity is 37,107.00 m3. A parking lot with approximately 36 parking spaces is also planned for the site, along with the construction of charging stations for hybrid cars, electric cars, bicycles and electric mopeds. An aboveground installation of photovoltaic modules with a minimum capacity of 150.00 kW will also be carried out.

Budimex has 31 months from the date of the contract to complete the investment. The server room, as an expanded IT space, is expected to provide an increase in the computing power of the Ministry of Finance's central IT infrastructure, to meet the growing needs in the area of progressive informatization of services and processes.

Source: Budimex press office, Finance Ministry Information Technology Center

Photos: Information Technology Center of the Ministry of Finance