Cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI) – opportunities and threats for companies

On May 9, another meeting dedicated to local companies was held, organized by the Entrepreneurship and Investor Service Office of the City Hall in Radom and the Radom Business Center Club Lodge.

The gathered guests were welcomed by the Deputy Mayor of Radom - Katarzyna Kalinowska and the Chancellor of the Radom Lodge of BCC - Izabela Seweryn.

The conference, attended by over 40 entrepreneurs, touched on two issues. The first concerned the EU NIS 2 directive regarding the level of cybersecurity of key companies, the second - opportunities and threats related to artificial intelligence. The entrepreneurs' questions confirmed the appropriateness of the choice of the meeting's topic.

The participants gathered in the newly opened, four-star Hilton Garden Inn hotel, belonging to an international hotel chain.

In addition to expert knowledge, entrepreneurs had the opportunity to establish contacts and integrate the local business environment.