Vocational training

Vocational training is a broad concept. Its purpose is to prepare the student to work in the learned profession. In Radom, young people have over a dozen schools educating in over 100 specialties. Thanks to the rich offer, junior high school graduates have the opportunity to choose the field that interests them, and getting a job sought on the market gives them confidence to find an interesting and well-paid job.

Graduation from a first-degree trade school already gives the opportunity to start work, but does not close the path of further education. You can continue your education at a second-degree trade school, and after graduating from high school choose any university.

Dual education is an effective model of vocational education in which the student gains theoretical knowledge at school and practical education takes place directly in the company, in real working conditions. Thanks to this, the school thoroughly prepares the student to enter the labor market. An employer accepting students for practical vocational training has the opportunity to shape the program and adapt it to the needs of the market. Students, thanks to this form of education, not only acquire the necessary skills, but also gain valuable experience that is desired by entrepreneurs from given industries.

We encourage you to watch filmu promującego kształcenie zawodowe w Radomiu ze szczególnym uwzględnieniem kształcenia dualnego.